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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have registered with Island Motoring but not received a confirmation email?

A. This type of email is sometimes mistaken as spam. If the confirmation email has not arrived in 5mins please check your email spam folder. To prevent this happening again, just confirm to your email provider that the email recieved from us is not spam. You should then continue to receive important emails as intended.



Q. I would like to list my business but I don’t have the time spare to create and manage my business profile. Can you take care of it all on our behalf?

A. Yes that’s no problem. We can create and manage your profile on your behalf. Just use the contact us form or email and we can arrange for a call-back at a time that suits you.



Q. Is it possible to list my business if even though our details and services offered are constantly changing?

A. Yes this is fine. Edits can be made by you at any time, with no limits on frequency. For managed profiles please contact your Profile Account Manager with suggestions for edits. They will be more than happy to update your profile for you.



Q. My business has many services offered. Do I have to pay for every category my business populates?

A. You only pay for one advert and this can then appear in 5 extra categories at no extra cost.



Q. Is your payment system secure?

A. Yes it’s 100% secure. PayPal and Stripe take care of security during the payment process so you have total fraud protection. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash.